Advanced Java Tutorial

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A data structure is a process of organizing and storing data efficiently in memory. It refers to a data collection with well-defined operations or properties or behaviour. There are two kinds of data structure in advanced java:

  • Linear Data structure
  • Non-linear data structure

Why data structure?

The rapid growth in data & complexity of application leads to some problems such as processing speed, searching data, and multi request on time being arise. Data structure store & manage data in such way so it required data can be searched instantly.


Data structure gives reusability of data that it's after implementation of particular data structure, we can use it any time at any place.

The data structure used to increase performance & efficiency of application by organizing data in such a manner that required small space with high processing speed.


The abstract data type used to specify data leads to abstraction.

Data structure

1.    Linear data structure

  • Array


  • LinkedList
  • Queue
  • Stack

2. Non-Linear Data Structure

  • Tree
  • Graph