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Escape characters are not used along with which characters in JavaScript?







Escape characters are not used along with Flower brackets characters in JavaScript.

JavaScript uses the \ (backslash) as an escape character for:

  1. \' single quote
  2. \" double quote
  3. \\ backslash
  4. \n newline
  5. \r carriage return
  6. \t tab
  7. \b backspace
  8. \f form feed
  9. \v vertical tab (Internet Explorer 9 and older treats '\v as 'v instead of a vertical tab ('\x0B). If cross-browser compatibility is a concern, use \x0B instead of \v.)
  10. \0 null character (U+0000 NULL) (only if the next character is not a decimal digit; else it is an octal escape sequence)
  11. \xFF character represented by the hexadecimal byte "FF"

Note that the \v and \0 escapes are not allowed in JSON strings.

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