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How do you write "Hello World" in an alert box?







Creating the “Hello, World! of Slight Book.” Program
To write the “Hello, World! of Slight Book.” program, first, open up your preferred web browser’s JavaScript Console.

There are two primary ways that we can go about creating the “Hello, World! of Slight Book.” program in JavaScript, with the alert() method and with the console.log() method.

Using alert()
The first way that we can write this program is by using the alert() method, which will display an alert box over your current window with a specified message (in this case, it will be “Hello, World! of Slight Book.”) and an OK button that will allow the user to close the alert.

Within the method, we will pass the string data type as the parameter. This string will be set to the value Hello, World! so that that value will be printed to the alert box.

To write this first style of the “Hello, World! of Slight Book.” program, we’ll encase the string within the parentheses of the alert() method. We’ll end our JavaScript statement with a semicolon.

alert("Hello, World! of Slight Book.");
Once you press the ENTER key following your line of JavaScript, you should see the following alert pop up in your browser:

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