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Is The external JavaScript file must contain the <script> tag?







It is not necessary for any external javascript file to have a <script> tag.

Script Tag:-
Any type of client-side script can be written inside <script> tag in HTML. The script tag identifies a block of script code in the HTML page. It also loads a script file with the src attribute.

The JavaScript code can also be embedded in the <script> tag as shown below.

Example: <script> tag

 //write JavaScript here...

Html 4.x requires a type attribute in the script tag. The type attribute is used to identify the language of the script code embedded within the script tag. This is specified as MIME type e.g. text/javascript, text/ECMAScript, text/VBScript etc. So, for the JavaScript code, specify type="text/javascript" in the script tag in HTML 4.x page.Example: Script tag in HTML 4.x:

<script type="text/javascript">
 //write JavaScript here...

Html 5 page does not require type attribute in the <script> tag, because in HTML 5 the default script language is JavaScript

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