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Explain about ASP.NET life cycle?

1. When an user submits an .aspx page in the client browser, that request goes through server IIS (Internet information services)
2. There are two utilities available in IIS, they are INetInfo.exe and ASPNet_ISAPI.dll. INetInfo.exe checks for the syntax and semantics of the request and then request goes to the ASPNet_ISAPI.dll which is the filter to filter .aspx files
3. After that page will be split into two parts, Virtual directory and web page
4. Now worker process which is nothing but the application factory basically contains all the virtual directories and checks for the current virtual directory
5. If this is the first request, then there will be no Virtual directory available. Now the worker process (W3wp.exe) creates a memory area called as AppDomain to check for the current page
6. As AppDomain is the Page Handler factory so it contains all the processes pages. If this is the new page then it will not find here. The request further move to the HttpPipeline where the actual execution of the page happened by using the ProcessRequest method and creates the events of the page
7. After creation of event and execution of all the event, the html page gets back to the client browser

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