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Explain about Master pages?

ASP.NET master pages allow you to create a consistent layout for the pages in your application. It is easy to design a website pages are having similar layout. A single master page defines the look and feel and standard behavior that you want for all of the pages (or a group of pages) in your application. It contains content placeholders which are linked with child pages to derive the content from the master page to child page.
User controls can also be placed in Master pages (Example: Dynamic menus, header, footer, etc...). When users request the content pages, they merge with the master page to produce output that combines the layout of the master page with the content from the content page. ASP.NET 4.0 allows Nested master pages to derive the content from one master page to another master page.
Page directive to use in master page,
@ Master - A page as a master page.
Page directive to use in child page to derive the content from the master page,
@ MasterType - Defines the class or virtual path used to type the Master property of a page.

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