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What is user control?

Apart from the web server controls, user control is a different type of control which can be used to create your own custom, reusable controls using the same techniques you use for creating ASP.NET Web pages.

User control extension - .ascx (Extended active server control) 
1. This can be used either in master pages or child pages to create more flexibility.
Example: Creating dynamic menu, Header, Footer, Navigation, etc...
2. This can be registered in an .aspx page or .master page by using Register tag.
Example: User control Regsitration in .aspx page or .master page
<%@ Register TagName="ucLeftmenu" TagPrefix="ucLeftmenu" Src="leftmenu.ascx" %>

3. Accessing registered control inside body as webserver control.

<ucLeftmenu:ucLeftmenu ID="ucLeftmenu" runat="server" />



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