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Which ASP object is often used to retrieve user-information from forms?







ASP Request Object
To get information from a visitor we use the Request object in ASP.

When a browser asks for a page from a server, it is called a request. The Request object is used to get information from a visitor. Its collections, properties, and methods are described below:

BinaryRead - Retrieves the data sent to the server from the client as part of a post request and stores it in a safe array

TotalBytes - Returns the total number of bytes the client sent in the body of the request


  1. ClientCertificate - Contains all the field values stored in the client certificate
  2. Cookies - Contains all the cookie values sent in an HTTP request
  3. Form - Contains all the form (input) values from a form that uses the post method
  4. QueryString - Contains all the variable values in an HTTP query string
  5. ServerVariables - Contains all the server variable values

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