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Subject - Web Development
Subsubject - ASP

Which of these objects is NOT an ASP component?







ASP components are as below:


Ad Rotator
The Ad Rotator streamlines the process of setting up a delivery system for your banner ads. In a separate file, you store information regarding the banner. The component then delivers a randomly selected banner every time the page is loaded.

Browser Capabilities
The Browser component lets you determine what browser a user is using and what features are supported by that particular browser.

Collaboration Data Objects (CDO)
Tied in with the IIS SMTP server, CDO lets you send an email and receive an email. With CDO, for example, you can process a form without relying upon a Perl script and CGI.

Content Linking
This is a handy object for creating a linear or sequential pathway through your site or a subsection of the site. You maintain a simple text file that lists the files in the proper sequence. Simple next and previous links then can be added to the page, and a table of contents can be easily generated.

Content Rotator
If you have to require rotating content, this will be a favorite component. It is simple and easy to use and permits you to add dynamic content to any page without using a database. In a separate text file, you store chunks of HTML code that you want alternately dropped into a space on the page. The Content Rotator will display one of the chunks each time the page is reloaded.

Database Access
Using this component, you can hook into a database to write contents to the browser screen and to create, update, or alter an existing database file.

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Global.asa is required for all Web sites


Which one of these events is a standard Global.asa event?


If a user has cookies enabled, a session variable is available to all pages in one application.


All users of the same application share ONE Application object.


All users of the same application share ONE Session object.