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How do you make the text bold?







Following are the examples of to Make Text Bold in CSS:-
In most cases, you’ll use the bold keyword in CSS to boldface a font using the font-weight property. But if you want to apply varying degrees of boldness, you can use multiples of 100.

Use the CSS font-weight Property in Head Section To bold, the text.
For font-weight, you specify the number that determines the boldness of the font: normal, bold, bolder, lighter, or multiples of 100 from 100 to 900, with 400 equivalent to normal. Bolder and Lighter are relative to the parent element.

Syntax for font-weight:
font-weight: normal | bold | bolder | lighter | number | initial | inherit;

/*Specify font-weights in CSS as follows:*/
font-weight: bold; /* same as 700 */
font-weight: 700; /* same as bold */
font-weight: 400; /* same as normal */
font-weight: lighter; /* relative to the parent element */
/*CSS for Class in Head Section*/
.bold_paragraph {
 font-weight: bold;
 <p class="bold_paragraph">This full paragraph copy is bold.</p>


This full paragraph copy is bold.

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